Top tips for running a thriving family business

Family Business

There are so many upsides to running a family business: working together as a close-knit unit and sharing the good times together.

However, being in charge of one can be complicated as you juggle company interests with those of your loved ones.

Family is loyal and dedicated, but problems can arise when emotions get in the way of business, or when family members have conflicting interests.  Running a family company is never simple.

Here are some of our tips to getting it right.

  • Communicate effectively and early on to establish what each family member wants out of the business.  Open dialogue is the best way forward.
  • Don’t wait for an event or trigger.  Have processes in place to deal with issues as they arise.
  • Pass on knowledge from one generation to the next.
  • Involve family members from a young age so they understand the business.
  • Be aware of the influencing factors (history and generation).
  • Be mindful of company culture — family businesses can lack proper governance structures.
  • Be logical, not emotional.
  • Clearly define the roles each family member plays in the business.
  • Establish a family advisory board with independent board members