Selling With Purpose! **

As you know selling is about persuading people to do something they would not otherwise have done.  If they were going to do it – they wouldn’t need you.  When you sell with purpose you don’t allow rejections to stop you.  You don’t allow failure to define you.  You don’t allow the mundane to drain you and you don’t allow fear to prevent you from making a difference.

A lot of people resonate with this message and it’s helped them to sell with purpose, overcome their fear and challenges and benefits more people.  So how do you make selling with purpose a reality?

You identify ways your product, service, ideas, vision can benefit others and make it your mission to share these benefits with others.  You focus less on “what you do” and more on “why you do it” and allow this “why” to inspire and energise you to make a difference.

You don’t chase success.  Rather you decide to make a difference and success finds you.  You don’t focus on numbers.  Use your numbers to measure progress – don’t focus on them.

Instead, focus on your purpose because your numbers are just a by-product of how well you are living, sharing and selling your purpose.  What is your purpose in selling?


** Trevor Marchant, Marchant Dallas


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