What If Your Prospect Says…. **

If your prospect says: “It’s not for me…..”

This might just mean you have to target your message more carefully.  Selling to the wrong audience wastes money, so does selling to the right audience with the wrong message.

I suggest – show the prospect testimonials from people like him or her or paint a picture of the person the prospect wants to be and show the idealised person using, benefiting and enjoying your product.  Also make sure you are targeting a specific audience.  Excessively wide appeals fall flat.

If your prospect says: “I do not have time to read your offer….”

They are really saying that they are bored and they do not see enough immediate benefit to continue reading your promotion.  But the truth is, we make time for interesting things!  “War and Peace”, for example, at well over a thousand pages, has held many a reader.

I suggest – you find the hook.  Open with a benefit or jump right into telling a story.  When the going gets interesting, people hang on to find out how things end.  Quizzes, checklists and fresh news keep readers involved too.

If your Prospect says: “It is more than I would like to spend…”

Remember, it is never about price.  It is about value.

When a prospect says your prices are too high, they are really telling you that the value of your product sounds too low.  It does not have enough benefit to get them to pay the asking price.

I suggest – you find services like yours that cost more and build a comparison.  Sweeten the deal with better premiums.  Put a value on the results of your service and compare them more closely to the cost.

If your Prospect says: “I do not know who you are….”

They’re really telling you they need to trust you and want to see your credentials.  Testimonials and track record are obvious solutions.  But there are some others….

I suggest – try entering questions like these – where do you do your business and why?  Who are your clients and especially your well-known ones?  Where did you get your training, learn your trade, and hone your craft?  Give some success stories.  Have you won awards or seals of approval?

If your Prospect says: “I have heard all this before….”

They are telling you to fix your “Unique Selling Proposition” (point of differentiation).  How do you stand out in the crowd?  You need to give them proof.

I suggest – you check out your competition.  Compare offers and make yours stronger.  Offer a stronger guarantee.  Look for ways your product or service outpaces, out builds or out races your competitors’ product or service.

If your Prospect says: “I would rather take some time to think about it….”

Your prospect is not feeling the urgency of your offer.

I suggest – depending upon how you are presenting it – in print or face-to-face.  Is there a deadline? Is the offer scarce?  Is there a benefit by buying early?  Is there a prepayment plan?  What are the guarantees?  In other words – how can we intensify the offer?

The smart way to sell is to know what the objections are “generally” going to be with your offer.  Make a list and deal with them upfront…. For example, “Mr and Mrs Smith many of our clients like to take time to think about our offer and we encourage them to do that.  Just so it is clear we also like to remind them of the special(s) we have will only last until the end of the week etc.”


** Trevor Marchant, Marchant Dallas


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